Our mission is to provide engineering and manufacturing services that meet or exceed customer expectation. We ensure that our customers receive the best product by implementing the team approach. We know that our customers are key members of our development team and thus make sure there is good communication so that we may achieve the best quality.

For over 30 years, DVK has aided the electronics industry. We have helped our customers complete their project from product conception down to the prototype. Throughout the years, we have produced many complex PCB design projects. Most notably are our completed projects for major satellite and aerospace programs such as Galileo, Clementine, the Space Station and the Mars Rover vehicles.

Our customer base includes many of the most successful and well managed companies in the electronics industry. These companies have become accustomed to placing their trust in DVK’s proven track record and on-going adherence to the highest standards of quality and service. To learn more about the history of DVK click here.

Apart from  PCB Design and Manufacturing, DVK has partnerships with engineering service providers. They cover electrical, mechanical, software, and firmware engineering services. For more information on these services, click here.