Engineering Services

Partnering with the best engineering firms in Silicon Valley, DVK can provide product design services across a broad spectrum of technologies. DVK has expertise in all aspects of communications architecture and design, modulation techniques, RF transceiver development, protocol software/firmware, RF ASIC, System Integration, Industrial Design/packaging and transition into production.

Embedded Microprocessor Systems
  1. AT/ATX system boards
  2. Passive backplane (ISA/PCI)
  3. PCI, CompactPCI and PCIe
Processor Architectures

DVK has experience with Intel Pentium, Pentium Pro, Motorola Power PC, Strongram, and Digital Alpha processor architectures. We have utilized embedded processor and micro-controllers from Intel, AMD, Motorola, and Zilog, etc. Digital signal processors from Texas Instruments and Analog Devices. Bus interfaces PCI, Accelerated graphics port (AGP), ISA, Universal Serial Bus (USB), IBM channel, ESCON, IPI, SCSI, ULTRA SCSI2, Firewire IEEE1394, I2C, TAXI.

Memory Interface

Industry standard Fast Page Mode, EDO and Synchronous DRAM interfaces, RAMBUS DRAM interfaces and Mosys DRAM interfaces, DDR2 and DDR3.


C, C++, Assembly Code, Windows, Python, and NT Device Drivers, BIOS

Offered below are some of the key design services that we provide for electrical and mechanical engineering design:
  1. Grading studies
  2. Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) assessments
  3. Shadow cast analysis
  4. Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  5. UL specification requirement verification
PCB Design Capabilities:
  1. Board Types: High Desnsity (SMD), Analog, Digital, RF
  2. High Speed, Controlled Impedence, Flex and Rigid Flex, BGA’s MCM’s and Fiber Optics
  3. Standards: LVDS, VDSL, DSL, Fiber, Infiniband, 1 &10 Gigabit Ethernet, VME, AMC, ATCA, Compact PCI, PCI Express, PCI-64 and more
  4. Fast Turn Design is availabe
PCB Design & Prototyping
  1. Quality – experience – flexibility – value
  2. Large-dense, high speed, controlled impedance
  3. Analog, RF, power, optical, mixed technologies
  4. Backplanes, mid-planes, flex, flex/rigid
  5. Prototyping, fabrication, assembly, parts
  6. Major satellite and aerospace programs
  7. Mentor design tools, 1st mentor service bureau
  8. Team approach with customer and suppliers
  9. Continuous improvement, schedule integrity
  10. Adherence to the highest standards of quality and service